Become a volunteer


The December edition of Incubate 2016 is in sight. Want to work together to make it awesome? You can join our team! Please use the form below to sign up.

Once your registration is complete and activated in the next few days, you can choose from a various selection of Incubate shifts.

How does this work?
Via your personal account you can apply for shifts you’d like to work, by checking the corresponding ‘available’ box. (Is this shift full? Than you may apply as a back up). You’ll receive an e-mail within a couple days confirming your application.

Through your personal account you can see exactly when and where you’ll be working and you can add these shifts to your digital calendar.

What does it get me?
Working 1 shift will earn you access to the whole festival! A typical shift lasts between 4 to 6 hours. Want  to work 2 shifts or more? Then we’ll thank you with a special Incubate goodiebag!

What else is included?

Entree to the official opening (bubbles!), a limited edition booklet about the 12,5 year anniversary of Incubate and of course a legendary afterparty!
 During your shift(s) you’ll get (alcohol free) drinks and depending on your work schedule we provide food as well.

If you have any questions or remarks, don’t hesitate to contact us

Check out our volunteer facebook group for updates and to get in touch with your colleagues. 

Thanks in advance for your help, see you in December!