Nefast NL

metal, black metal, psychedelic, drone, minimal

Three guys from Amsterdam just doing their thang, which in this case, is playing harsh black metal combined with some really slow riffing and a fair bit of hazy stoner rock. So far, Nefast have released one excellent tape called ‘Dogma’ which sounds like it’s been recorded with a My First Sony (very black metal). In short, Nefast are just great. We’re sure that if they had written adaptations of the work of some dead Dutch poet you probably would of heard of them through De Volkskrant by now.

For their show at Incubate December, Nefast have put together their most minimal and droning set to date. It's as much deep listening as it is black metal. We're looking forward to their performance! Edit

Saturday, December 10
18:00 - 18:45
Little Devil

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