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Traveling to Incubate



Tilburg is easy accessible by the transport of your choice:


All train schedules can be found on the website of the Dutch Railways (NS): and the general public transportation website:
Train connections to all major cities are available every half an hour until midnight. On Friday and Saturday night, there's a night train connection leaving every hour. Get your travel plan sorted via the website above.

You can choose between a lot of airports like:
Eindhoven Airport (EIN) (25 mins. to Tilburg by train) - Direct flights from London Stansted, Barcelona, Madrid, Prague, Rome, Stockholm, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Budapest and more.
Schiphol Airport (AMS) (90 minutes by train) - Direct flights from all over the world.
Maastricht Airport (MST) (90 mins. by train) - Direct flights from Birmingham, Berlin, Porto, Stockholm, Istanbul and more.
Rotterdam Airport (RTM) (60 mins. by train) - Direct flights from Barcelona, Hamburg, London City, Madrid, Milaan, Prague and more.
Dusseldorf Airport (DUS) (160 mins. by train) - Direct flights from all over the world.
Weeze Airport (NRN) (200 mins. by train) - Direct flights from Barcelona, Bologna, Edinburgh, Madrid, London, Porto, Talinn, Valencia and more.

Just enter Tilburg city centre in your navigation device. When reaching the city center, park in one of the car parks like Pieter Vreedeplein (closest to Ticket & Info Center), Tivoli or Heuvel.

Do you want to save money (up to 50%) on parking? Park at Switchpark Spoorlaan, next to bkkc. A reservation is required: please visit for more information.

Find or share a ride to Incubate on the Toogethr app for iOS and Android. Download it on and search for the Incubate group in the app to find rides from your place to ours and back.

The venues of Incubate

Incubate takes place in several beautiful venues throughout the city of Tilburg. 
All venues are within 5 minutes walking distance.

Click one of the venues to see the line-up!

Ticket information

All tickets and information can be found on our ticket page. If you have any questions about the tickets or payment process please contact the 013 boxoffice or call +31 13 460 9500 

If you have any other questions you can always contact the Incubate Whatsapp telephone
at +31 6 38641533 or mail

Wristband pick-up

When you arrive in Tilburg you can pick up your ticket at the 013 Boxoffice. 

Box office opening hours:
Saturday: 12:00 - 22:00
Sunday: 12:00 - 22:00

013 Poppodium
Veemarktstraat 44
5038 CV Tilburg

How to get to the Boxoffice (via Google Maps)

Where to sleep during Incubate?

Most of the hotels are at capacity during the festival though, so we recommend to book very early to be sure to have a hotel room. You can stay at the Mercure or Ibis hotel in Tilburg or check for an overview on hotels in and around Tilburg.

Tilburg has a quite vibrant couchsurfing community, especially during festivals like ours. Check the Tilburg page and drop your request. We're active users of, helping you to find a decent place to crash.

To rent a room or apartment or an entire house in Tilburg and surroundings, check

Dinner during Incubate

As Incubate is in the middle of Tilburg and we do not have our own catering, there are many diner options, both low and high budget. Tripadvisor has the most complete list of all different kitchens, including some in depth reviews. Bon appetit!

Have a question?

You can reach us for quick quiestion at Whatsapp by sending a message to +31 6 38641533

Reach us at Twitter by tweeting @Incubate
Send us a message at

For questions regarding tickets get in touch with

Press info is available on our press site.

For other contact information, please head to the contact page on this website.

Festival disclaimer

Incubate tries to show you art (be it music, film, theater, visual or otherwise) that originates in underground scenes and (sub)cultures. The artists ways of dealing with life and art might not be your preferred choice.

The ideas, meanings and intentions of artists participating in the festival are not necessarily our own. We feel that it is important to highlight different aspects of cutting edge art, even though the imagery displayed or styles shown might offend others. Please be aware of that risk within the artistic choices we make as a festival.

Like our teachers told us: contradictions like positivism and negativism, sperm and blood have always been central themes in art; from The Old Testament till Dante's Inferno, from Monteverdi till Motörhead and from Jesus till GG Allin.

Parody, irony, pastiche, deconstruction, the anti-aesthetic are some of the techniques. (Anti)utopism and the quest for pure honesty and pure evil are some of the themes. The response may say as much about the recipient's mind as it says about the sender.

This does not mean that everything is possible at the festival. If we, or the majority of the audience, could be offended by symbols, appearance or behaviour, we have the right to ban you from our festival. Please notify Incubate crew if you notice any offending signs in the Incubate venues.

About Incubate

Incubate is the annual celebration of cutting-edge culture. It is a festival exhibiting a diverse view on indie culture as a whole, including music, visual arts, film and contemporary theater, and a conference. For the upcoming December edition it brings more than 40+ cutting edge artists in an intimate context to an international audience. Black metal next to free jazz. Refreshing art next to innovating indie games.

Incubate takes place troughout more than fifteen venues in the inner-city of Tilburg.

Incubate, the Quietus' favorite European festival.

– The Quietus, April 2013

Incubate is about as good as it gets when it comes to showcasing contemporary left-field art and extreme music."

— Vice UK, September 2012

Het meest avontuurlijke festival van Nederland

— Oor, September 2012