Poles & Drones

November 16, 2016

Poles & Drones

On Sunday, December 11th, you can visit a location we have not used before, which is in itself a rarity for Incubate. In strip club slash pole dancing club De Nacht (‘The Night’) we’ll be presenting some Dutch and Belgian drone masters: R. De Selby, Lichtschade, Optical Machines and Filip Gheysen will make the room purrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. There may or may not be dancers present. In any case, just don’t touch too much of the furniture and you’re good.

R. De Selby
Musicians among you will recognise the feeling of joy when first playing a newly acquired instrument. It was exactly this feeling that led R. De Selby to start a new direction in an already lengthy career in bands known and unknown. Through manipulation of acoustic sound De Selby arrived at a crossroads of the pastoral meditation of the fingerpickers of yester-year and the repetitive bliss of ambient and drone artists, flirting with minimalist music.

A solo project combining harsh noise and black metal by Ghent-based noise producer Wouter Duprez. His performances have an almost shamanistic quality, almost like a ritual of some sorts which form a cathartic experience for the listener as well as the artist. Sub-merge yourself in Lichtschade’s doom-laden wall of sound and discover for yourself.

Optical Machines
An audiovisual show like no other, with exceptional visuals and improvised drones and electronic music. Rather than taking a static position, Rikkert Brok and Maarten Halmans - the two halves of Optical Machines OM-3, choose an open set-up which invites the audience to wander through their laboratory-like playground. Their set-up consists of an obscure variety of modified tools, lenses, cameras and analogue synthesizers.

Filip Gheysen
Filip Gheysen is a visual artist and composer from Ghent, Belgium. His musical work consists of mostly drone and ambient recordings made with an electric tabletop guitar in which everything from more aggressive distorted drones to beautifully humming lighter pieces can be found. Gheysen is a true drone master with an exceptional feeling for detail, timbre and harmonic shifts, and is a truly one of kind composer.