Timetables #incu16

August 30, 2016


Timetable Saturday



Timetable Sunday




A custom schedule

made just for you

by us!


Every edition of Incubate we hear visitors say stuff like “I don't really know most of these bands”, or “there are too many bands and too little time!”. That's why this time around we're offering you an extra service: If you need some insider tips on what to see or how to get from one venue to another in virtually no time you can send an email to idontknowthesebandshelpmeout@incubate.org and our staff will provide you with your own custom route through Tilburg. To make sure you get the best advice possible, we need to know the following:


1. The kind of music you like
2. The kind of music you don't like
3. Some examples of other art forms you're interested in
4. Your favorite dish (optional)

And of course we need to know the obvious stuff:

5. The day you'll be visiting Incubate
6. Time of arrival and departure

So, send your answers to idontknowthesebandshelpmeout@incubate.org and we'll help you out!  




We have added the showtimes on the Incubate artist pages soon so you can start preparing your personal timetable. Please note that all times will be subject to change. 

Step 1:

Visit your personal page
on our site and log in with your Facebook account.


Step 2:

Visit the line-up page and add your favorite Incubate artists to your agenda by clicking the little + symbol.


Step 3:

Start preparing! Listen to the Incubate bands via our Spotify playlist or on the personal artist pages. Use the 'Share' button and show your friends what you are planning to see.


In the following days, we will send out all the practical information you need in preparation of the festival. So stay tuned at our Facebook page, and make sure to follow us on Twitter!