Iconostase 180 - four days of art and silent disco

August 24, 2016

Iconostase 180 - four days of art and silent disco

Life without a healthy dose of art is boring and bland, and Incubate without art is like ... a lukewarm beer on a hot and sunny day! We offer a refreshing mix of art and music during Iconostase 180 where techno, art, design and silent disco will mix!


Silent Disco with international electronic artists
An eclectic and international batch of techno and electronica artists have just been added to the already stellar Incubate September line-up. German dub and field recording gone techno originator Sleeparchive will kick off a special headphones only / silent disco project of four days, taking place inside a giant steel sculpture on Thursday September 8. A day later, Swedish king of Nordic deep techno Acronym will take the stage and on Saturday Sep 10, two of the most interesting electronica artists of the last couple of years will play: Healing Force Project from Italy and Tapes from the UK. Finally, UK techno innovator Mosca has been added for Sunday Sept 11th and Rotterdam’s modular synth lord Mono-Poly will conclude this very special program in a very special location.


Yona Friedman: Iconostase 180
As part of our Do It With Others art program (2015-2016), Incubate presents the work of world renowned architect and theorist Yona Friedman in Tilburg from July to October.

‘Iconostase’ is a project to create flexible exhibition rooms. It is made with connected rings, forming a structure that can have any size or shape. These rings act as a frame in which performances or presentations can be held or where objects can be placed. It is an attempt to bridge the gap between the space and the artwork on display.

For the past two months, Iconostase 180 was hosted by our friends of exhibition space Park, and served as a platform, stage, art gallery, dance floor and filmtheatre. In September, this marvellous sculpture-meets-mobile-pavilion will move to Duvelhok, where it will stay until the end of October.

Panel about Iconostase 180

On Saturday September 10th, Incubate and CAST, Tilburgs centre for architecture and urban planning, will host a panel discussion about Yona Friedman's work and vision in relation to the phenomenon of ‘city makers’: citizens who try to transform and improve their living environment with small and big efforts. With sociologist Frans Soeterbroek (NL) and architect and critic Véronique Patteeuw (BE). This panel will be in Dutch!


Do It With Others - Iconostase 180 is made possible through the generous support of Mondriaan Foundation.