Incubate May is finalised, done and ready for you!

April 7, 2016

Incubate May is finalised, done and ready for you!

May is already peeking around the corner so we are happy to complete the line-up for the Incubate May edition with The Rita, Bestial Mouths, Eurabia, Streetraves, Dio tributes and more.


The Rita and Bestial Mouths complete the music line-up
Those last empty spots in the timetable were killing us, so we are glad that The Rita and Bestial Mouths have come to save us from boredom with their eclectic electronic sounds (ok, to be honest, the Rita is a total devastating wall of harsh noise). In their own ways they both advance and broaden the sonic frontier and give us some wickedly interesting music to listen to.
Both acts will play Saturday the 14th of May.

Cairo Liberation Front presents Eurabia
The return of Tilburg's finest purveyors of  Arabian dance music and wodka-spraying extravagance: Cairo Liberation Front (glad to have you back guys!)
For the 5th edition (hooray!) the guys of CLF invited Rebel Up!, a dj-crew based in Bruxelles who are well-known for traveling around the globe to find the most exciting sounds of the underground. You can also witness a special b2b-set by CLF-dj Ramses3000 together with fellow towny Ray Fields. And to top it all Het Wild-residents Afrikaboomnada are invited once again!

Het Kip: We Might As Well Fail
A very special theatre production by Het Kip on strife, partying and the inevitable failure. There will be very limited seats to this show so keep this in mind if you want to attend.

Dio tribute
Dio is dead. Long live Dio. 
On Friday the 13th the Little Devil will host an all-night tribute to Dio with a Dio Tribute band a special All-Dio-DJ-set. All in all it'll be all things Dio, which is amazing.

World Championship Table Drumming
After the official opening on Friday several people will destroy their fingers to celebrate the time honored tradition of drumming on tables. Find more info or enter the competition.

On Saturday the 14th the Hall of Fame will be home to a gigantic streetrave. Think: beer on the sidewalk, many fists in the air and dancing in unison. More info very soon!

Some things change, but we will always have an afterparty that skirts the edges of personal safety and general morality. Joun us. Sunday. 22:00 till the wee hours.

Expect the timetable very soon. Like next week. You can already add your favorite artist and see what day they will play on your personal profile.


Dayticket Saturday - May 14th: €17,50 (+service costs)

Dayticket Sunday - May 15th: €17,50 (+service costs)

Weekendticket: €27,50 (+service costs)

Friday the 13th is a free festival night (it's also a movie, but that's not important right now)

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