World Championship Table Drumming

March 31, 2016

World Championship Table Drumming

Incubate is sickeningly proud to announce the World Championship Table Drumming. We are almost physically sick with excitement to compete in the time-honored tradition of tapping rhythmically on a table with your very own fingers!

The championship will consist of an acapella face-off contest, straight up speed drumming (measuring bpm) and contestants who can rehearse a finger-karaoke-finger-drum-along with their favorite song. Audiences can also enjoy showcases by well-known table drummers and a brief history on table drumming presented by a renowned scholar. For the hungry souls we have a variety of finger food.
Why we are doing this: on the importance and cultural significance of Table Drumming
It happens in offices, classrooms, panic rooms (dangerously close to big red buttons) and waiting rooms all around the world; people like you and me, are using their fingers to drum on tables. They tap and they tap, sometimes subconsciously and sometimes with serious intent, yet they always tap the song of life. They tap loud and fast or slow and steady. They tap YYZ by Rush or they tap a blast so vicious every black metal drummer worth their salt would recoil in sheer shame and reflect on their failure and hand in their membership card to the black master (oh so sorry Blengrekhat, how I’ve failed you).
Some say that table drumming has been around almost as long as tables themselves, others say it even pre-dates tables (wow!). We only know that the combination of tapping with a finger on the varied acoustics of tables results in a palette of different signature drum sounds. Everyone has their own style and no single contestant is the same.
To celebrate the time tested tradition of table drumming the Incubate Festival is hosting the first World Championship and inviting any contender to show what their ten powersticks of death (fingers) can do.
Join us in reaching Valhalla!

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For any questions you can reach us on Whatsapp +31 6 38641533